PODCAST | The Beauty of Echoes and Boldness

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Nicole Pertillar | The Purpose Pusher and contributor at The Harvest Magazine.
Nicole Pertillar is The Purpose Pusher and a The Harvest Magazine contributor. Nicole is the author of, “Originally Red: Be Bold. Be Brave. Be YOU.”

I am excited to share Part 1 of our podcast series with Nicole Pertillar, author of, “Originally Red: Be Bold. Be Brave. Be YOU.” Wow! Friends, Nicole is one of the most powerful women of God I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. She is truly a jewel, and I think her beauty and wisdom will shine brightly as you listen to this first podcast installment.

So there is one thing I have to tell you before you listen. You’ll hear a serious echo each time I speak. Yep. Unfortunately, I was unable to edit out the echo problem. Deep sigh. My conversation with Nicole was so wonderful; I was quite disappointed when I listened to the show and heard the echo issue. Admittedly, audio is not my thing—at all; so I was challenged in trying to polish the podcast and make it suitable for public consumption. I asked Nicole if she would like to re-record the podcast and she said, “No! Let’s go with what we have.” So with Nicole’s blessing, I am sharing her very moving testimony via audio, echoes and all.

And you know what? The echo was not our only challenge in recording this podcast. We had all kinds of issues! Misunderstandings about the session time; email issues, and phone issues. It just seems there was one delay after another. So when we finally finished recording the podcast, it felt like quite an accomplishment.

Nicole was a great sport about the echo; and her positive attitude caused me to think about our echo-gate in a different perspective. I got to thinking about the impact of echoes. Echoes even hold a unique beauty. Think about it. An echo is a “sound or series of sounds that is caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.” Given the right conditions, an echo can travel on and on and on. In fact an echo can be used to determine distance, time or even an object’s shape.


An echo can be faint, such as the often unheard echo of a duck’s quack, or as strong as the echoes heard at The Echo Wall at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China.

See what I mean?

Echoes really do have a unique beauty—and they’re bold. They want to be heard, and to ensure that they are heard they bounce on and on and on, to the wonderment of those who hear them.

Echoes are a phenomena! And they’re original. So, the echoes in our podcast are quite appropriate. Nicole’s book is all about being bold, and the beautiful phenomenon that YOU are! Enjoy Nicole, and enjoy the podcast. And remember to be bold, brave and YOU!


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