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It is a thorough pleasure to announce that Allyson Olivia, author of “In the Name of the Father,” is now a member of the Harvest Contributors Network. The Baltimore, MD., native released the book, her first, in 2014.

AllysonOliviaShe had this to say about her first novel,” It was a labor of love. It was a story I had to tell because I know many Christians have ups and downs throughout life that shape how we love ourselves and others.  It is so important that we as Christians stop pretending life is perfect and shed light on painful issues like divorce, infidelity and abuse.  I hope this family’s drama, pain, faith and triumph reminds you that we are all human, and as a result not perfect, but forgiven by God.

Let’s forgive more, love more and share stories that will inspire others to try again.

Please get to know the Noble family by reading “In The Name Of The Father.”

As a Harvest contributor, she will provide storytelling on life as a new wife and mother coming from a believer in Jesus Christ. What are the expectations? The challenges? She also plans to write about relationships. Learn more about Allyson Olivia at Connect with her on social media:

    • Facebook: Allyson Olivia Sneed, Author Allyson Ringgold
    • Twitter: Allyson Olivia
    • Instagram: Allyson Olivia

“You have the nerve to quote the Bible. Who did I marry? So much power and you can’t keep your pants on?”
― Allyson Olivia, In the Name of the Father


About Allyson Olivia
Allyson Olivia is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She was raised in church and considers herself a “church girl.” At age eight, she trusted in Jesus as Lord and Savior. However, it was at age 25, that God showed her He had an amazing plan for her life; however, she would not see that plan unfold until she did more than “talk the talk.” At age 25, Allyson rededicated her life to Christ. She vowed to live a life of celibacy until she was married. Almost a decade later Allyson married Christopher and they live with their baby girl, Cienna, in Dallas, Texas.
While single, Allyson lived in Miami, Florida for five years. In Miami, she was the servant leader for the Singles Ministry at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church and helped create the young adult ministry, LIVE. She was also active in the evangelism ministry and the women’s ministry.


Allyson loves to write and she is pursuing sharing the love of God through creative writing. She has a bachelor’s in Mass Communications from Susquehanna University and a master’s from Syracuse University in Journalism.
Her first novel, In The Name of the Father, is about a woman’s struggle to love herself, allow herself to be loved, and keep her faith in God despite what she witnessed in her home and in the church. In the name of the Father has a dual meaning, it represents the main character being influenced by her biological father and her heavenly Father. Her passion for telling the story about a woman’s struggle to love herself, her man and God comes from her soul.


As a woman of faith, Allyson knows how the pains of life can push you to places you never thought you would go. In her desire to grow in Christ, she realizes the everyday struggles of believers and how we fail in the flesh. Those struggles are illustrated in her writing.
Allyson also has a passion for helping teenage girls and women achieve their goals and understand we are here for a purpose. She hopes every person will realize that apart from God, we can do nothing, but with God, anything is possible.


Her Life Verse:
Psalm 139:14 – I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.


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