Is Your Treasure In A Display Case Or A Vault?

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Understanding the Value of Your Gems | Deuteronomy 32:34
Kimberly N. Alleyne
The Harvest Magazine, Publisher and Editor


“You’re a treasure, but you’re not in a display case with the others — you’re in a vault. Think about a jewelry store. The rarest, most valuable treasures are not kept in the display cases. They’re kept in the vault, out of sight.”

I am not sure what answer I was expecting, but when I heard it, I immediately knew that God had spoken and, in mid-sentence, healing started rumbling in me. I felt something heavy drop off of me, and I felt something move. Something moved down deep.

That’s how I know it was God speaking through him.

Our conversation started off on the subject of my career. I’d asked him, my former pastor and longtime friend, for his advice on an opportunity I was considering. Somehow, and I am not sure how, the conversation shifted from recognizing my worth and not being afraid to ask for what I am worth, to me asking him a question that had been stumping me for a long while.

[su_box title=”Why?” style=”soft” box_color=”#11661d” title_color=”#c9fbe2″]”Why do I continue to attract the same –wrong– type of man? Is there something wrong with me? What is it about me that I always attract men who are liars and cheaters?”[/su_box]

Okay, that’s three questions, but essentially I was asking what was I doing wrong.

The last person I opened my heart to hurt me deeply, more than any other man has. The pain traveled to depths in my heart that I had not been aware of. In retrospect, I guess the depth of hurt he wielded was equal to the depth of love I felt for him. But if someone had told me that he was not my God-sent husband, I would have laughed in disbelief. I was so sure that he was the man I had prayed and waited for. All appearances told me, “It’s him! It’s finally him!” I felt that way because he was perfect. Absolutely perfect for me. Same sense of humor, a shared love of adventure, a shared interest in learning and trying new things, same beliefs about God and love for God, same dreams for the future. In fact, we both “knew” that we loved each other, and wanted to share our futures together very early on in our relationship. We were very much alike — at least I thought we were.

“I know people teach the Law of Attraction, but they forget that the enemy pursues us. Sometimes the enemy presents himself through other people. We have to remember that satan uses people to attack us,” he explained.

“You did not do anything wrong. You are not doing anything wrong. The enemy has simply chosen to attack you in love because he knows that a tender area for you. It will take a very special man to understand just how unique and special you are.”

And then he said it. He said something that blessed me so incredibly that I had no words:

“You’re a treasure, but you’re not in a display case with the others — you’re in a vault. Think about a jewelry store. The rarest, most valuable treasures are not kept in the display cases. They’re kept in the vault, out of sight.”

Is that powerful, or what?! Talk about revelation. It was like layers and layers of insecurities and self-doubt were curling up at the ends and flaking off my heart in the way old paint cracks and peels off walls.


I am a treasure! I am a vault-level treasure; a rare gem far too precious to be on display in some common plexiglass display case. Treasures in display cases are vulnerable, and are easily stolen and tarnished by thieves and counterfeiters. My brilliance is too bright, too splendid for the wrong man, for counterfeits. But the right man will recognize my worth, handle me gently (no lies or cheating), and nurture my brilliance in a way that makes me shine even more brightly.

[su_highlight]Am I doing something wrong? Nope, I am not doing anything wrong at all. On the contrary, I am doing something right for the enemy to keep coming in for the kill over and over. And actually, the people who have hurt me in love are not at fault for their offenses; they were simply being used by the enemy to wound me. They did his bidding well (lol), but they are not bad men, just broken men. We are all broken in some way. I have to forgive them and release them … even when the gaping wounds in my heart seem as though they will never heal.[/su_highlight]

I’m thankful for my last journey in love, although it came to an unexpected and devastating end. It’s never a mistake to give and receive love. I’m thankful for the laughs, and the tears, too, because had I not carried such heartache, I would have never asked for counsel. It was in that counsel that I found healing, fresh perspective, and freedom from bondage to self-recrimination.

The Lord is Jehovah Rohi, my Shepherd, and Jehovah Nissi, my Banner. He sees me and hears me; and he feels what I feel and collects every tear. Our heartache is not for naught; nothing the Lord allows us to experience is wasted, even when it all seems pointless, or like it was a needless exercise in vulnerability or humiliation.

And He is my protector. Now that I know my worth, which is based on God’s immeasurable and unchanging love for me, and not how someone treats me or perceives me, and where I should keep the treasure of me — in the vault and not in the display case — I am allowing Him to guard my heart and my vault of treasures. I’m done. I give up. He has the lock and key, not me.


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