Hope In the Middle of A Hopeless Situation

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Open the Door!
Kimberly N. Alleyne
The Harvest Magazine, Publisher and Editor

Scripture Reference: John 20:1-11; 19

In the middle of a seemingly lifeless and hopeless American economy, we—Christians—know that despite all of the financial forecasts, the final story is one of victory. 

We have already won. At the end of this life, we win. We are winning, even now.

People often wonder why Believers always remain so optimistic and hopeful in the midst of devastating crises, and mercurial and tenuous circumstances. Non-Christians, or non-Believers, question where we get our strength from. The answer is in our hope. 

We are a peculiar people. And we are not a group that relies on physical hope, but spiritual hope. Christians see hope from a spiritual truth. We know to “call those things that be not as though they were.” We don’t see hope with a physical eye or with emotion, but with a spiritual eye. We know that the God we serve is able to change every situation for the better, no matter how glum or gloomy the circumstances may appear. 

He can shift a situation with the blink of His eye.

While others see glimmers of hope, we — Believers — see rays of hope because we serve and believe in a mighty God, the Great I AM.

God is able! He. Is. Able!!! Nothing is impossible for Him.

You don’t have to close yourself off, close your heart or shut the doors in your life. Open your heart and open the doors so God can help you and bring you out! He cannot destroy the yokes in your life or release you from bondage if your door is closed. Just say, “Lord, Come in. I need you, Lord. Please come on in!

Don’t imprison yourself. Open the doors and let God in!

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