The Blessing and Cursing of God’s Presence

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Go with God!
Scripture Reference: I Samuel 5:1-7; I Chronicles 13:13-14

Kimberly N. Alleyne
The Harvest Magazine, Publisher and Editor


Christians who want more from God long for His presence and to smell the fragrance of His perfume. God is ready and willing to accommodate our desire to be near Him. He assures us that when we draw close to Him, He draws close to us. He loves spending time with us. Surely, His presence is a wonderful privilege and a blessing, but His presence can also be a curse.

Why would and how could God’s presence ever be a curse?

1) When you don’t have a relationship with God.

2) When we’re rebelling against Him or His instructions for our path.

3) When we’re trying to escape God or pass Him along as the Philistines did when they transferred the Ark of the Covenant.

When we don’t have a relationship with God, He will allow attacks against you. Attacks come in many forms: broken relationships, poor health, poverty, lack, insufficiency.

Actually, nothing can occur in our lives unless God allows it, and that includes attacks of the enemy. God allows us to experience various trials, challenges and difficulties. That may sound cruel, but His intentions are never for our harm. He always – ALWAYS – has our best in mind: our growth, our healing, our maturity, our strength, greater dependency on Him, deeper intimacy with Him.

The best place to dwell is tucked under the shadow of His wing, in that secret place where He provides, protects, procures personalized blessings, and drapes us in perfect love.

The good news is that we have an option in whether we will be blessed or cursed. You have the power to declare, “I AM BLESSED!” You, too, can be blessed as was O’bed-e’dom. When David took The Ark of the Covenant to the city of David, he took it to O’bed-e’dom’s house where it remained for three months and as a result, God’s Hand was upon him. The Philistines didn’t know how to receive God’s blessing. But O’bed-e’dom did! His entire family was BLESSED because he decided he was going to go with God and that God would go with him wherever he went.

Go with God and receive your blessings!

Photo credit: Kenneth Cole Schneider via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND


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