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Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreams
Kimberly N. Alleyne
The Harvest Magazine, Editor and Publisher

I am a recovering dream sharer. Once upon a time, I easily and routinely shared details of my dreams for the future. It didn’t matter if it was a dream for my ministry, a professional dream, or even an academic pursuit, I was quick to spill all I saw.

Now I have wisdom.

I think I (over) shared before because I needed confirmation. In some ways my gabbing was a thinly disguised way to build my confidence in myself, and secure approval, if not permission, to dare to think beyond the confines of my tent…the tent where my main furniture pieces were fear, self-doubt, and hesitation.

Now I believe differently…and I share with great discretion–if at all.

I learned, through not a few heartaches, that even our un-manifested dreams can draw envy, jealousy and plotting from those we share with. The facts are that not every dream should be shared. You don’t have to “make it plain on tablets” for public viewing–you’re the only one who needs to get it and run with it. And not everyone can handle the greatness of your dreams, or the greatness of you, or your God-ordained destiny. Remember how Joseph’s brother treated him when he shared with them his dreams with them? See Genesis 37: 2-36. Joseph shared what he dreamt out of excitement; I am sure he assumed his brothers would be just as excited as he was. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, they were his kin.

Things didn’t work out the way Joseph anticipated. He proudly–probably a little too proudly–broadcasted God’s downloads, and those broadcasts prompted his brothers to plot his murder. They left him for dead, or so they thought. They could not stomach the grand favor that the Lord planned to pour on Joseph. They were the original “haters.”

But as it happened, and as it always happens, God’s sovereignty trumped the plans and devices of men, and the dreams that He placed in Joseph’s heart came true. Until they did, however, Joseph found comfort and encouragement in those dreams during dark times, times when Joseph may have felt like the dreams he saw were just dreams…

It’s not sharing your dreams is wrong, or that you should never share them. In fact, sometimes, what you’re dreaming about might encourage or inspire someone. But don’t share what you see for the purpose of seeking confirmation, confidence or approval. Leave those things to God. When you need it, you’ll find that not only will God give you the clarity and confirmation you want, He will usher every single dream to manifestation—He’ll make it happen for you. And He already approved you; in His greatness, He did that before you even wiggled your way into the world.

Don’t ever, ever stop believing in the beauty of your dreams. Trust God. He authored your dreams and planted them in your heart to begin with according to the custom purpose He scripted for you, and by His design, He knows how to materialize everything in your heart. Don’t take the pen from Him; let Him keep writing and working, even when you can’t seem to find your way, or when it seems like what you dreamt will never happen. God’s dreams for you are His divine will destiny for your life. His dreams come true.

Don’t wear your dreams on your sleeve–simply wait for the appointed time (His timing is PER.FECT!), and live them out to the glory of God.


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