You Have Your Father’s Eyes

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The Harvest Magazine Staff

I see you. You have His eyes. Your father. You have his perspective, his vision. You walk ahead even when you cannot clearly see the road ahead. You trust when it’s uncomfortable and scary. You love others in the same way He loves you: without condition, without bias, or expectation of gain. You just pour out your love. You look for ways to love others, and you know that makes Him smile. You view trials and challenges as opportunities to spend more time with Him, to grow closer to Him. You see that the enemy is under your feet because you are seated with Jesus in Heavenly places. You pray for your enemies and bless them, even when the hurt they wielded still throbs. Even though you cannot see what’s ahead, you trust God wholly because you know that He has a divine and perfect roadmap plotted out that will lead you to your awesome destiny. And you don’t focus on what you see in the natural. Instead you concentrate on the spiritual realm. Everything in the natural is subject to conditions and change—you get it.

Yep, you have your Father’s eyes. You are definitely His child.  You should be proud.


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