A Car Wash Won’t Stop A Spider from Weaving A Web

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Using the Right Spiritual Repellents to Rout Enemies and Close Gaps
Kimberly N. Alleyne
The Harvest Magazine, Publisher and Editor

It was driving me crazy. A spider, I’m not sure what kind, nested in the left-side driver’s mirror of my car, and refused to leave. I only saw it a couple of times, but I saw the evidence of it’s habitation daily. The first morning, I was startled to walk into a sticky yarn of thread-like string. I swatted it away, foolishly thinking that was the end of the spider and the web. I’m not sure why I thought that; I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The next morning as I approached my car I saw a freshly spun web glistening in the early-morning sun. I was really annoyed. I snatched my miniature umbrella out of my work bag and batter at the web. Ugh!! Why in the heck was the spider setting up camp in my side view mirror, of all places? And why my car? What was even more annoying was the strength of the web. It was pretty durable. I had learned that in back in elementary school, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

What was even weirder is that this, this daily game of wits, went on for several days. Several mornings in a row I’d get to my car and swat violently at the web. Even though I managed to break it apart each time, the slime of it got on me and on my car door. What in the world?! I tried a few methods to get the spider out of the mirror like jamming on it with a shoe. I even sprayed a bottle of liquid car freshener into the mirror’s insides. Still, the spider stayed and keep rebuilding its web, night after night. Then I had a bright idea: I’d take the car though a drive-through pressure car wash. That would do the trick! How could that little spider survive the force of the water in a car wash? That’s what I’d do–kill the spider with a car wash, and get all traces of the webs I’d broken from the side of my car door.

So I did it. I drove my car through the Exxon car wash. I was so aggravated by this point that I didn’t bother to take advantage of the discounted gas deal customers get when they buy a car wash… and I needed gas at the time! But gas was not on my mind. I focused on that dumb spider and severing our daily encounters.

Ahhh! Nothing like a freshly washed car. I drove home that evening from the car wash feeling triumphant. I was confident that the next morning I would not get caught up in the spidey’s web. Nope. Remember I said I couldn’t have been more wrong? Well, this is the point I was referencing. Because as undaunted spiders and not-built-for-the-job car washes would have it, the spider had again worked all night to weave a new trap. And this morning the web was bigger, wider, and more elaborate than ever. Lol! I had to laugh at myself. How could I be so lax and completely off? I needed a super duty insect repellant — why hadn’t I just bought a can to begin with? This could have been over a long time ago. It was like I knew what to use, but instead I used my own devices, which were useless.


I recall a number of spiritual challenges I have bungled in this way. Time and time again the enemy has whupped me with a barrage of attacks, and time and time again I have fallen victim. I fell victim knowing all along how the enemy works: whispers lies in my ear, sends offense so I can sup with anger and unforgiveness, keeps me wrapped up in guilt, shame and condemnation for my past sins. All of that. And none of that is new or innovative. The enemy isn’t creative, and even though we know how to beat him at his games, how to squash him, we still get tangled in his wicked, webbed schemes. Time and time again. We carry the repellent with us, it isn’t something we have to purchase. In fact, we have a variety of “repellents”: God’s word, God’s power and authority, the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, prayer, fasting, praise, worship, thanksgiving…we have a locked-and-loaded arsenal ever ready for our use, all we gotta do is USE IT!! We already have a license to shoot!

“Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.” Luke 11:26


 When we don’t use what the Lord has graced us with to triumph in enemy combat, there is a strong chance we actually empower the enemy and equip him to gain footholds–read strongholds– in our hearts, minds, and souls. We get infected. That’s when they get really strong and stubborn. And sometimes when we get rid of them but fail to keep our defenses up, the enemy comes back and comes back even stronger! God gives us plenty of warfare tools, so using anything outside of those tools is a big waste of our time. Always. No exceptions. In the same way I wasted time with the shoe and car wash, we waste time when we don’t use God’s word to overcome trials, or turn the enemy on his head.

Another thing I noted from my “web” experience was the spider was not backing down. There was nothing I could do to make it stop weaving its web. It set up shop and was determined to be there as long as it wanted. It was not intimidated by my shoe or the car wash. I cleaned up the outside of the car, but the spider was perfectly in tact on the inside! The enemy is a relentlessly staunch opponent to Believers and he has a game plan and strategy that he refuses to deviate from. So nothing can shake him lose except the pry tools God gave us. In fact, when we use our own tools or allow darkness to creep into our hearts with unforgiveness, rebellion, lying, or cheating, we actually feed the enemy and strengthen him. That’s why the morning after the car wash, the spider had woven the most elaborate web until that point.

That evening I found a can insect repellent under my kitchen sink, and I drenched the inside of the side view mirror until foam bubbled up and oozed onto the asphalt. I had no compassion for that spider; I was determined to evict him. And the next morning, I won. There was no spider and no web. Yes! I did it! And I’d had the right weapon all along.


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