His Love Lasts Forever

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The Harvest Magazine
July 14, 2017

Jeremiah 31:13

Love fades. Relationships end. Hearts break and ache. The love of humanity is fragile and conditional. Is there real love, a love that endures trials, disappointments, and conflict? Does true, everlasting love exist? Yes, there is. God’s love is eternal and everlasting.

God’s love is pure, unconditional, and without motives. He loves us with an everlasting love, a love that does not end (Jeremiah 31:3). There is nothing we can do to make God take His love away. He loves us past our flaws, failures, and mistakes. He loves us past our bad days, when we are short-tempered and struggling to display God’s love. He loves us past our vanities, vain imaginations, pride, our rebellion, our harsh words, and sour moods.

No love can compare to God’s love because His love is perfect; but that does not mean that we should run from love. Affairs of the heart are, well, hard. Inevitably, the choice to love will make us vulnerable. People love others to the extent that their love tanks will allow them to give and receive love. The thing about earthly love is that we do need it; God calls us to relationship. He never intended for us to walk this part of the journey alone. But God must be in the center in of our love. God loves us first, and then deposits love for others in our hearts. He empowers us to walk in love, mercy and compassion. Without Him molding and melding our hearts, we are bound to love by humanity’s standard of love, which is fickle and based on conditions.

God is love. When we use God’s love as a model for how we love others, our reward is greater. This doesn’t mean we won’t experience heartache or disappointment in love. We certainly will because we, as humans, will always fall short of God’s perfection, and His love is perfect. That’s what “from glory to glory” is all about, us striving to be better day by day. However, when we root ourselves in God’s standard of love, and not someone else’s standard of love, then we can freely display love that is real and everlasting —the love of God.



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