I Won’t Throw You Away

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Isaiah 41:9

“I have called you back from the ends of the earth, saying, ‘You are my servant.’ For I have chosen you and will not throw you away.”

When the relationship ended, it was sudden and unexpected. It was not what I wanted. As each day passed, I grew more anxious and agitated because nothing I said seemed to get through to him. Every word I poured out from my heart fell on deaf ears, and a cold, stony heart. I could not figure it out. It seemed as though things took a turn with an eye blink. Suddenly I became the enemy, one who was just wrong to associate with. I was no longer loved and adored, but instead, I was disliked, despised, and doubted. I was avoided as if I was a leper. Peace and joy were exchanged for anger and hatred. The friendship and love that had once made me so incredibly happy and giddy were just…gone.

I was befuddled that the love I expected would last a long time had evaporated like steam from a boiling pot of water into the atmosphere without a trace, within a few short moments. Wait, where did it go? Did this just happen? Am I awake right now?

And I was even more confused that love, love I thought was real and enduring, evaporated at all. I was left to pick up the pieces while I juggled deep hurt, confusion, betrayal, sorrow, unforgiveness, and even anger.


The love of humanity is unpredictable. It is subject to change seismically with the winds and rains, without warning. We can never know how long love will last will stumble on it. In a jolting contrast, God’s love just is. His love is truly eternal and everlasting. There won’t ever come a day when He decides He does not like, or love us anymore. It is impossible for Him to love us that way because He is love, and His love is perfect and without blemish. Isn’t that refreshing to know? To know we have access to a pure love that is not based on our weight, hair length, or other conditions? To know God loves us even when we are not at our best, when we have bad days and just want to crawl under a rock?

Reflecting on God’s love is what helped me through the heartache from the relationship that flipped over. It was not easy, and it did not happen overnight. There were a lot of days when I felt like a Mack truck had run me over, days when I cried for hours on end, days when showering or running a comb through my hair were major feats. But God.


Rejection is perhaps one of the most difficult experiences to push through. It is human nature to want to be accepted and embraced in one’s full authentic self. And rejection by others, particularly who at one time professed their love for us, is particularly heart-wrenching and spirit draining. But God…Jesus…and Holy Spirit.

But God! I pushed through the rejection. But God chose me—and YOU—and He has not rejected us. He will never throw us away. No matter who rejects us, God never will. And that’s something to be incredibly happy and giddy about.

Press into God’s pure and lasting love — He will never throw you away!




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