Sow What? Part 2

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Planting Seeds for Prayer, Praise, and Power
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Kimberly N. Alleyne

This is Part 2 of our series on sowing. You can catch Part 1 here. Read on to learn how sowing changes things — in a positive and powerful way!

I wrote in Part 1 that:

  • Sowing amplifies your prayers
    I am praying for something specific, and each time I sow a financial seed, I write a reference to it. It’s not a bad idea to keep a prayer journal by the way. You can review it for encouragement and to be quickly reminded of God’s awesome Hand in your life. 
  • Sowing is an awesome demonstration of praise and thanksgiving
    I can remember not having knowledge of the power of giving. I also remember battling lack and  insufficiency. When I learned to break that poverty, orphan spirit, I believed God for more,  and He responded. I don’t hesitate to give. God did not hesitate to sow His only Son into my life, so why would I ever hold back? 
  • Sowing increases our power and endurance to keep crushing the enemy’s lame, tired, and reheated attacks (he’s not very creative or innovative).
    Sowing builds our faith and confidence in the things of the Lord. Our sowing makes God smile, which, in turn, makes us smile.

Things happen when you sow: the Kingdom atmosphere dynamic shifts; warring angels are refueled to fight our blessing-blocking adversaries even harder to get your blessings to you quicker. And you make broad the path for God’s performance in your life and the lives of others. Ultimate HE gets the glory for all of it. That’s what sowing does.

But let’s be real: Sowing Ain’t Always Easy, Friends

One day recently I was stressed about all I had on my plate: a taxing work assignment, family obligations, and academic obligations. I felt like I simply did not have enough time to do everything. I decided to close myself off and bury myself in school work until I got everything done. Then the phone rang. Deep sigh. It was a dear friend who was distraught about a family crisis, and wanted me to pray. Right then. Deeper sigh. I really did not have the time to give her, but I knew she needed me. One hour and five minutes later, she thanked me and seemed encouraged as we said “goodbye.” That was a huge sacrifice, but is one I knew I had to make. God will make it up to me. Remember Abraham and Isaac?

I share that to show that sometimes our giving requires letting of something we really don’t want to part with; but God never misses an opportunity to bless you, to redeem what we lost. Also, you can sow other things than money. I sowed precious time into my friend’s life. We can sow our knowledge, giftings, talents, and of course, our intercession.

And remember, check your HEART before you give. God loves a cheerful giver. It is easy to give when we are walking in abundance, and we should absolutely give out of our abundance. God loves that. But when we give out of our own lack, or when we let go of something to bless someone else when we really want to bless ourselves…I think God really loves that, too. Understand me here: We should give into good ground. And we should give in wisdom. I can’t tell you how many sermons I have heard begging parishioners to give their last penny in exchange for the special anointing on their words and ministry, all to be soon after evicted, facing foreclosure, have their utilities cut off, or have a car repossessed. (Real-life stories y’all.) So, no, don’t ever give under pressure, or burdensome circumstances, or promises from mammon that only God can keep. Don’t do that. Ever.

**Note that our tithing is not considered sowing. That’s just Word. Plain and simple. But giving beyond our tithes and offerings, to sow… now that’s a whole new ball game.

Sow in faith! Put your faith in God and His promises!

But do by all means give with pure motivation, and without need or want or accolades.  Prosperity will come, but focus first on God and His kingdom, and all else will fall in place. Seek you first the kingdom of God.  Matthew 6:33

Sow your seeds and give your gifts to boost your prayers, to demonstrate your praise and thanksgiving, and for more power to overcome, triumph, and dance on the enemy’s head. Woohoo!!




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