Love Lifted Me

Serra Delight The Harvest Magazine Contributor Reflective Essay Have you ever heard of the hymn, “Love Lifted Me?” Read these words below and imagine that you are the one that’s singing it when you’ve needed God’s love to lift you. He has the power to lift us out of every deep, dark and desperate situation. […]

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We have ALL aborted: Counseling from a Perspective of Grace

Care Net Blog – Vernicia T. Eure January 25, 2016   “Why isn’t she getting it? Abortion is not the best solution for her or her baby,” I wondered as I sat across from my client.  I’m tired of abortion!   What if one of the biggest hindrances in the counseling room is our […]

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Valley of Guilt

The Guise of Guilt, Shame and Condemnation

Escaping the Enemy’s Territory Kimberly N. Alleyne The Harvest Magazine, Publisher and Editor Are you guilty? When I lived in the Hudson Valley of New York, I worked for a public relations agency that was situated in a rural part of the county that I called home for five years. The narrow, two-lane road to the office […]

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