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Sow What? Part 1

Planting Seeds for Prayer, Praise, and Power The Harvest Magazine Kimberly N. Alleyne   Are you in a season of fasting and prayer? Are you desperate for breakthrough in some area? Are you lacking in your finances, relationships, or health? Are you seeking guidance or instruction? Are you believing God for a miracle or a… Read More Sow What? Part 1

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Pretty Pennies

Kimberly N. Alleyne The Harvest Magazine, Publisher and Editor I started feeling guilty about the penny. I had other pennies mixed in my pocket change, but this one was different because it was separate from my other change. There had been one, an old, dull one, on the counter. It had fallen out of my wallet… Read More Pretty Pennies

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Blurry and Perfect Vision All At Once

[tweetthis]I see what, who, whose, and why I am. Yes! My purpose and destiny are clear like crystal.[/tweetthis]   Losing My Sight and Grabbing God’s Vision Kimberly N. Alleyne Publisher and Editor, The Harvest Magazine [su_carousel source=”media: 1611,1609,1608,1607,1606,1605,1601″ items=”7″ title=”no”] Recently I have struggled to embrace the process of aging that I seem to be… Read More Blurry and Perfect Vision All At Once

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Love Lifted Me

Serra Delight The Harvest Magazine Contributor Reflective Essay Have you ever heard of the hymn, “Love Lifted Me?” Read these words below and imagine that you are the one that’s singing it when you’ve needed God’s love to lift you. He has the power to lift us out of every deep, dark and desperate situation.… Read More Love Lifted Me

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We have ALL aborted: Counseling from a Perspective of Grace

Care Net Blog – www.care-net.org Vernicia T. Eure January 25, 2016   “Why isn’t she getting it? Abortion is not the best solution for her or her baby,” I wondered as I sat across from my client.  I’m tired of abortion!   What if one of the biggest hindrances in the counseling room is our… Read More We have ALL aborted: Counseling from a Perspective of Grace