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Everything in His Time

Allyson Olivia The Harvest Magazine Contributor   There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1 Leaves changing from green to orange, yellow, and burgundy are beautiful reminders that a new season is here. For weeks, many of us have been begging for cooler weather and a… Read More Everything in His Time

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Did I Really Hear From God?

Five Principles To Guide Us As We Wait For God’s Plan to Unfold Serra Delight The Harvest Magazine Contributor I recently reached out to a godly, wise, down-to-earth, married woman at my church a few weeks ago. This woman is a ministry leader and is well-known as a woman of integrity, mature faith and someone who… Read More Did I Really Hear From God?

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Get Your Tickets for the Be A Wife Conference

[tweetthis]I’m already a wife. I’m simply not married. If unmarried women grasp that it will change everything@NicolePertillar[/tweetthis]   Join Harvest Magazine contributor Nicole Pertillar at the Be A Wife Conference Tickets can be purchased at I Am Already A Wife… Nicole Pertillar — Author. Coach. Artist. Harvest Magazine Contributor I am truly excited about the 2nd… Read More Get Your Tickets for the Be A Wife Conference

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God’s Grand Plan of Transformation in My Life

[tweetthis]God wanted to heal me in more ways than one. He had a plan & was waiting for me to end my efforts to “fix myself.”[/tweetthis] Sherita Parks Harvest Magazine Contributor [su_dropcap]G[/su_dropcap]od’s plan for me has been one of deliverance in many ways.  One of the biggest, visible transformations has been in the area of… Read More God’s Grand Plan of Transformation in My Life

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Love Lifted Me

Serra Delight The Harvest Magazine Contributor Reflective Essay Have you ever heard of the hymn, “Love Lifted Me?” Read these words below and imagine that you are the one that’s singing it when you’ve needed God’s love to lift you. He has the power to lift us out of every deep, dark and desperate situation.… Read More Love Lifted Me

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[tweetthis]Life is a gift & I choose to open it with expectancy & thanksgiving, each & every day. @theharvestmag @allysonolivia[/tweetthis] Allyson Olivia Writer, The Harvest Magazine Contributors Network   “You would have been dead in two days,” the doctor said while I lay in a hospital bed with my husband by my side. I… Read More Present

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Author Allyson Olivia Joins Harvest Contributors Network

Kimberly N. Alleyne The Harvest Magazine Publisher and Editor   It is a thorough pleasure to announce that Allyson Olivia, author of “In the Name of the Father,” is now a member of the Harvest Contributors Network. The Baltimore, MD., native released the book, her first, in 2014. She had this to say about her… Read More Author Allyson Olivia Joins Harvest Contributors Network

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PODCAST | The Beauty of Echoes and Boldness

I am excited to share Part 1 of our podcast series with Nicole Pertillar, author of, “Originally Red: Be Bold. Be Brave. Be YOU.” Wow! Friends, Nicole is one of the most powerful women of God I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. She is truly a jewel, and I think her beauty and… Read More PODCAST | The Beauty of Echoes and Boldness

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Meet Nicole Pertillar,The Purpose Pusher

Friends, as we prepare for the launch of our digital-first magazine, God is sending scribes, ministers, visionaries, artists, dream builders…It’s been nothing short of amazing. He is sending people of diverse backgrounds and ministries who have words in their bellies for right now, for this season — these people have significant and weighty deposits to make!… Read More Meet Nicole Pertillar,The Purpose Pusher