Lydia Circle

Sit and Sup with A Company of Women Believers!
By The Harvest Magazine Staff

THE LYDIA CIRCLE® A Harvest Media Ministry


What Is the Lydia Circle®?

The Lydia Circle is a Harvest Media ministry that was founded to assist Christian women expand their brand platforms through online, digital, social, and print media. The Lydia Circle welcomes entrepreneurs, ministers of word, song, dance and art, marketplace leaders, and change makers.


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Who Is a Lydia Circle Woman®?

A Lydia Circle woman is foremost one who loves and serves God. She is an entrepreneur, an author, an artist, a musician, a minister, a marketplace leader, or a drummer for social change.

Why Should I Sit in the Lydia Circle®?

The Lydia Circle is a digital venue to meet, network, learn from, collaborate with, support, and pray with other women of God who are aspiring or are established in ministry, entrepreneurship, or marketplace leadership. It is a judgment-free space that nurtures learning, growth, innovation, motivation, edification, and spiritual prosperity.

I Am Busy–What’s the Lydia Circle’s Value-Add to My Life®?

The Lydia Circle® is a community of Believers who are connected by common ambitions for spiritual prosperity, business exposure and growth, ministry exposure and growth, and engagement with new audiences. We promote spiritual, ministry, business, and leadership growth. We are a company of spirit-filled, prophetic, prayer warriors who are forerunners in ministry, business, and in the marketplace. There are no time commitment expectations — engage with us when you choose. Lydia Circle Platform Partners are afforded promotion opportunities on Harvest Media properties (The Harvest Magazine, Harvest TV, The Harvest Magazine Digital, etc.) which are scheduled according to availability. Otherwise, simply come and sup with women who love God, and are climbing new heights spiritually, financially, and professionally.


How Does Lydia Circle Define Ministry?
Oftentimes the term “ministry” conjures a thought of an individual delivering a riveting sermon from a pulpit, but that is just one type of ministry. Ministry is, and can be so much more than a pulpit ministry, to which not everyone is called. God has no limitations on what ministry should look like so long as He is first in it, and it glorifies Him. God graced His children with plethora avenues for ministry such as music, entrepreneurship, service organizations, the arts, media, publishing. The Lydia Circle® has no definition for ministry other than a selfless intention to serve others for God’s glory. Ultimately, our work, what we put our hands to, is our ministry.

What Is the Lydia Circle® Partner Platform?

The Lydia Circle Partner Platform presents entrepreneurs, marketplace leaders, ministers of various expertise, and social change innovators with targeted channels and audiences for brand exposure, engagement, and expansion.

  • Membership in the exclusive Lydia Circle® Facebook Group
  • 100-word Profile on Lydia Circle page at
  • Blog post (300-500 words) on The Harvest Magazine (article in one print edition)
  • Ad featured on The Harvest Magazine site for 60 days
  • 1 (one) 20-minute podcast
  • 8 (eight) social mentions on Harvest Magazine properties (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)
Photo credit: the UMF via Visual hunt / CC BY
Photo credit: the UMF via Visual hunt / CC BY

How Can I Become A Lydia Circle® Platform Partner? Engagement!


  • DONATE 2 (two) products for promotional giveaways. If your business is coaching or counseling, you agree to donate a block of time, minimum of 30 minutes, as a giveaway.
  • GIVE PERMISSION for your email address to be added to The Harvest Magazine and Lydia Circle® lists.
  • SHARE articles, social mentions, podcasts about your brand on your social platforms.
  • FOLLOW The Harvest Magazine on Twitter

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