The Harvest Magazine Is Here!

The Harvest Magazine Is Here!

Whether you stumbled here unintentionally or you were directed here, welcome, welcome, welcome! This new blog is a content companion to the forthcoming The Harvest Magazine, which will be launching soon. The Harvest blog is a forum for spirituality, religion, culture, and the Church. We’ll write about how all or some of these themes intersect, or don’t.

Stay tuned for original and transparent content with no objective other than to inform, inspire, encourage, and edify our readers. You’ll find objective and balanced features, analysis and commentary across media platforms: text, photography, video, audio and visual.

This is not a place to lift up one denomination over another or others. We are producing journalism to lift up God and His Church! So please stop by often, share us with your networks and on your mission fields, and stay tuned for The Harvest Magazine — an online and digital e-zine!

And if you want to be notified when the e-zine is set to launch, write us at theharvestmagazine at gmail com.

Be well,

Kimberly N. Alleyne
Publisher and Editor, The Harvest Magazine
Harvest Media

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