Open the Door!

Scripture References: Rev. 3:20; John 10: 1-15


In the middle of a seemingly lifeless and hopeless situation, we — Christians — know that despite what the physical stuff looks like, despite what we reason or how we might rationalize, the final story is one of victory.

Non-believers often wonder why believers always remain so optimistic and hopeful in the midst of devastating crises. They question where we get our strength from. The answer is in our hope.

Our people, strange and peculiar and chosen by God, do not rely on physical hope, but spiritual hope. Christians see hope from a spiritual truth. We know to “call those things that be not as though they were.” We don’t see hope with a physical eye or with emotion, but with a spiritual truth. We know that the God we serve is able to change every situation for the better, no matter how glum the circumstances may appear.

While others see glimmers of hope, we see rays of hope because we serve and believe in a mighty God.


You don’t have to close yourself off, close your heart or shut the doors in your life. Open your heart and open the doors so God can help you and bring you out! He cannot destroy the yokes in your life or release you from bondage if your door is closed. Just say “Lord, “Come in. I need you, Lord. Come on in!

There Is But One Door And He Is The Good Shepherd

Jesus is the Good Shepherd and He is the door of the sheep. He is the only door. As we travail in our Christian journeys, other “doors” may look inviting and appealing to us. “Doors” of greed, violence, gossip, deception, fornication, adultery and other sins against God may glitter and tempt you. At times, you may struggle with choosing which door to enter, but Jesus is the one and only door. Enter that door and you shall find eternal life, immeasurable faith, indescribable and unspeakable joy!! Who is your Shepherd? Who will you follow? Come to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and rest with Him.  Jesus said: I am the light. I am the way. I am the bread. I am the vine. I am the Word. I am the truth. I am the beginning. I am the last. I am the good shepherd! I am! I am! He is I AM!!

Don’t imprison yourself. You can break the chains off your story. You have the key to freedom. Open the door and let your healing in. Let your deliverance in. Let your restoration in. Let God in!


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