Meet Nicole Pertillar,The Purpose Pusher

Friends, as we prepare for the launch of our digital-first magazine, God is sending scribes, ministers, visionaries, artists, dream builders…It’s been nothing short of amazing. He is sending people of diverse backgrounds and ministries who have words in their bellies for right now, for this season — these people have significant and weighty deposits to make! One such person is Nicole Pertillar. Nicole is a certified vision building coach and a beautiful woman of God who carries many talents. She has agreed to be a regular contributor to The Harvest Magazine and I am without words.

Read more about her below, but first watch this special video message from Nicole.  I believe God has breathed on this collaboration, and pray you will be richly blessed by Nicole’s ministry.

Kimberly N. Alleyne
The Harvest Magazine, Publisher and Editor

Nicole Pertillar | The Purpose Pusher

Nicole Pertillar | The Purpose Pusher and contributor at The Harvest Magazine.
Nicole Pertillar | The Purpose Pusher and contributor at The Harvest Magazine.

Nicole Pertillar is a counselor and certified Vision Building Coach, a purpose pusher to women who feel stuck and unable to push past mess, hurt, disappointment, disillusionment and anything else that hinders them from walking in the call and purpose God has on their lives. After obtaining two Master’s Degrees from Regent University, one in Counseling and one in Journalism, Nicole started her work as a therapist. It didn’t take long for Nicole to recognize that God had different plans for her than she understood at first. The Lord took Nicole on a journey of discovering who He truly created to her be and what she would be doing. It all surrounded business and ministry to women and families while championing the cause of healing and equipping hearts in identity and purpose.

Nicole uses her training as a coach to help people recognize obstacles to forward movement in a variety of areas; business, ministry, and family functioning.

Nicole is currently working on a series of e-books dedicated to assisting women in walking in their true identity and purpose.

She resides in Harrisburg, Pa., and is a lover of green tea, art, photography, college Hoops and Eagles football.


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