The Harvest Magazine is a forthcoming digital-first publication on spirituality, religion, culture, and the Church. The Magazine will launch in May 2015; the website is our content companion.

Most content will focus on the intersection of these themes. Our blog is a content companion to the Magazine where, readers will find journalism across multiple platforms: text, video, audio, graphics and visuals.

While we will deliver content using a variety of mediums, we don’t shun words. We love the written word, so if you like reading or appreciate long-form journalism you’ll enjoy your time here.

We produce original content in the form of features, analysis, essays, commentary and explanatory journalism. Ours is not a place to lift up a denomination, religion, philosophy, church, political platform or leaning, gender, race, ethnicity, an agenda or an individual—it is a place to lift up God, His people and His Church.

What We Believe: God created the world with His Word; God sent His Son Jesus Christ to save humanity through His death; All are welcome to join the Kingdom by confessing Jesus Christ as her or his savior; and the Holy Spirit dwells within God’s children; the Word of God is Holy, indisputable, timeless and final.

We make no apologies for our beliefs but we will not lord those beliefs over our readers. And we don’t defend it, either. We just want you to know about the core from which we are writing, what drives us.

That said, we champion diversity of thought here so our writers hail from varied backgrounds, and espouse diverse opinions about the themes we focus on. We encourage thoughtful debate–not conflict or bickering–because the Kingdom is diverse. Who are we to judge or condemn another for worshipping or ministering or interpreting the Holy Bible differently? We can learn and become better through diversity. That’s what the love of God looks like.

We DO NOT tolerate hate in any form, and we will not use this space to cloak bias and hatred with God’s Word.

And we make a distinction between religion and spirituality: spirituality reflects how an individual manages a personal relationship with God, while religion is the guiding, overarching set of principles and beliefs that dictate how his or her spirituality materializes. One can be spiritual and not be religious. And one can be religious and not be spiritual.

Purpose: To inform, inspire, encourage and edify readers through original journalism about spirituality, religion, culture and the Church.

Audience: People who believe in and love God, His Son and His Church; People who have not decided what they believe and are seeking answers.

Thank you for coming. Please come back—often.

Be well,

Kimberly N. Alleyne
Publisher and Editor, The Harvest Magazine
Harvest Media
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